Calle Polar con Avenida Coba, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Money and Banks

Tulum is a relatively inexpensive place to stay compared to the high-rolling Cancun or Playa Del Carmen

You can live quite frugally in Tulum if you’re careful with your cash. As a general guide a breakfast/lunch would cost you around 100-150 peso on average. An evening meal of pizza and a beer could be around 150-200 peso while a steak or larger meal around the 400 peso range. (Food prices are generally more expensive at the restaurants along the beach.)

In town, beer will cost around 20-30 peso for national beer and 35+ for imported beer. Glasses of wine around 60 pesos a glass.

Keep a look out around town for 2-1 deals or happy hour. We’ll be happy to recommend some places.

The Mexican Peso is the national currency, but you should be able to off-load your US dollars to the bigger places. If you have a choice, bring and spend Pesos as you will not get the exchange rate in your favour if you hand over a dollar bill in restaurants.


All ATMs will issue Pesos and some of the cash machines will give you an option of Moneda National (peso) or US Dollars.

Try keep some small change with you, $10 coins, $20 notes to pay the taxi’s with.


When you see signs in $ they are usually Peso, not USD$, but sometimes in the larger resorts they can swap to USD$ without warning. It’s always prudent to check.