Calle Polar con Avenida Coba, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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Tulum is amazing, a really wonderful place to spend some time. Visitors here come for a day and really do stay for a while. Many talk about Tulum with a dreamy memory and some, like us come back and choose to live here.


The town (pueblo) is the main centre of Tulum, the town is dissected by the 307 highway that brings traffic from Cancun down to Chetumal and beyond. A thriving hub for life, this is where most of the restaurants and bars are and where you will be coming into or leaving from when you stay in Tulum. Here you will find amongst all the restaurants and bars, the Police station, the town hall and the bus station.


The Beach, ah the beach… This is accessed from a road that comes off the 307 cross road at Super San Fransisco at the north end of town. Stood on this crossroad looking north toward Playa Del Carmen you have the beach road on the right, the ruins up ahead, Coba on the left and the town behind you. Taking the 3km road down to the beach you will get to a T junction at the end. Taking a left will take you onto the beach road that will ultimately end at the Ruins, taking the right road will take you along the beach and down into the Sian Ka’an biosphere.


Before reaching Sian Ka’an you will pass all of the beach hotels, many of them will have restaurants open to the public where you can take in the cool ocean breeze while sipping on a cold beer. Moving further down you will enter the biosphere zone. At this point you will have some method of transportation with you as the road is long and unpaved, but will reward you with a part of Mexico that is breath-taking. With very little in the way of human life down here, you will be treated to miles of unspoilt beaches on the left and large still lagoons to the right. Stop off and take your time.


A couple of places along the beach offer evening entertainment, but Tulum is about relaxation. You won’t find the large clubs of Playa Del Carmen down here, but you will find a stillness, and tranquility and some of the nicest people in this part of the world.