Calle Polar con Avenida Coba, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico
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What is the weather like in Tulum?
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The weather in the area can be divided into three distinct seasons, although it's pretty much hot and sunny all year-round.

Winter – Nov to Mar

By far the best time to travel through the area. With clear blue skies and very little rain, there are very few mosquitos. Sounds great! But everyone wants to come away then, so costs can rise dramatically. While the weather’s perfect, it can get a bit chilly sometimes when a Norte blows through. This is a period of 2-4 days of northerly winds that can chill the night air. We’re not talking arctic weather, but when you get used to the warm air of Mexico it can come as a bit of a surprise.

Sea temperature is about 26°C (78.8°F) – Air temperature can range between 22-30°C (71- 86°F), but when a norte blows through that could drop to as low as 15° (59°)

Spring – Mar to May

This is our favourite time of year. The temperature is warm, there’s still little rain and life is great. Easter (Semana Santa) that creeps up on us around April time sees tourist numbers grow in the region in general and prices can go up especially over the Semana Santa week. It’s a nice time to be in Mexico.

Sea temperature is now rising and will be about 28°C (82°F) – Air temperature will be between 26-32°C (79- 89°F). Spring sees the end of the Nortes (Yay!).

Summer – Jun to Oct

Hot sticky and sometimes stormy, we like to spend the summer days as wet as possible in the cenotes or the ocean. You can expect high humidity and the odd bout of rainstorms. The rainstorms go as quickly as they come and can be quite spectacular. There are a fair few mosquitos especially around some of the quieter cenotes.

The end of summer sees hurricane season. We haven’t had a bad hurricane since Wilma in 2005 and even then the town was back up and running the day after it had left.

Sea temperature is now a bubbling 29-30°C (84°F) – Air temperature will be between 28-38°C (82- 100°F). Humidity can get up beyond 80%. Pass the cold Dos Equis!